Male v. Male Wrestling



The Matches

Speedo Submission Wrestling

Wrestlers fight in speedos. To win one wrestler must submit. Submission may be obtained by a hold or pin, but the wrestler must submit. Matches are competitive or semi-competitive and usually for one submission or 2 of 3 submissions.

Thong / Jock Submission or Pin

Wrestlers fight in a thong or jock-strap, sometimes nude if dirty tactics are used, in these competitive and semi-competitive matches for submissions or pins. Pins matches are usually to a count of 5 or 10 to win.

Nude Competitive or Erotic Fights

Wrestlers usually begin in thongs, then nude, and always for either a submission or pin to win. Erotic fights are matches, often in oil, which invlove a lot of frottage and cock to cock wrestling in first to cum loses matches. The winner then humilates the loser.

The Goal

Create high quality, fighting films with amazing men, who wrestle in matches of pure wrestling skill and ability, no striking, punching or kicking. Two male wrestlers in a physical contest for dominance, power and control. Man to man, muscle against muscle for the ultimate victory. On the mat!


Competitive matches, erotic fights, gay, straight and bi wrestlers.


WRESTLING is always the mantra for our videos.

The Videos

On Sale Now!
3 Speedo Submission Wrestling Matches
with Bill, Aaron and DJ
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These are our first 3 speedo submission matches ever produced with our first 3 wrestlers. They are not HD, but the quality is very good. Watch the trailer.



New videos are coming soon and will always be in HD 1080p and 720p, and available as MP4s or WMVs.



See the videos.