MatMuscle Wrestlers are hot men fighting and wrestling for top status, dominance and control, a true physical contest as each wrestler struggles to win the fight.


We're hiring wrestlers, contact us. Give your height, age and weight.

Video Downloads play in Windows Media, QuickTime, iPod or iPhone, and are high quality .WMV or .MP4 files (640x480 pixels).

DVDs contain 2 or 3 matches, and cost much less than Downloads, and ship to anywhere in the world for a flat $6.75 rate.

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What kind of matches do you like?
Submission Wrestling in Speedos
Collegiate Wrestling in Singlets for Pins
Gear: Jeans, Pro-Style, Boots, Masks
Gear: Thongs, Jockstraps, Leather
Nude Wrestling - Competitive
Nude Wrestling - Erotic, Oil, Cockfighting, etc.
Fantasy Ending - Loser Jerks/Sucks Winner
Hardcore Ending - Loser Is Fucked

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We are filming in November & December 2012 competitive nude submission matches and also erotic matches, humiliation and cockfights.


"Wrestling Auditions" For auditions (tryouts), Guys usually have watched others wrestling, but have not wrestled before or have very little experience. The match is 15 minutes of submission wrestling with short breaks taken after each submission.
If there's no submission, they must wrestle for the full 15 minutes.

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